Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bring on the Heat...Summer is Coming

Email sent Monday 28 March 2011

Wow, you got to talk in sacrament meeting. I don't think I can remember you talking in sacrament meeting. it is been a long time huh? what did you say about us? About me? The poor ward is probably sick of hearing about me. haha. Wow and a camp director. That's cool! For the crafts part you should make cute headbands. I bet you could find some cool patterns to make cute flower things with fabric. They would love them.

That's too bad that BYU lost. But that's good it was a good game. Go out fighting. That's the way. Sorry you lost too dad. :) Good job Brandy at running. Good job I don't know what because I haven't heard from you. Yes when there is RS conference we get to go. But we didn't get to go to the YW one, only if we had had a YW investigator. Good job brandy at getting your YW medallion! That's awesome. Just in time for your 18th birthday. Just like me. The month before. Are we procrastinators or what? I'm gad you follow in my footsteps. haha

Ok, so this Some funny things happened this week. Ok, so you know how sometimes people ask "what is your most embarassing moment?" Well usually when people ask that I have nothing to say, because I can't really think of things that are that embarrassing that I have done. If anyone can remember one they should tell me so I can remember, but really I usually have nothing to say. But this I have somethign to say. So, one evening we were eating dinner at a members house with my district leader and his companion too. We were seated at this table outside on the back patio. We had finished eating the meal and were serving and eating ice cream, and ice cream cones for dessert. So I was sitting on this wabbly yard chair, and the back leg of it happened to be in a crack on the cement. (but I didn't know it). So we are sitting there adn then the elders start fighting over the ice cream. They both had spoons and they were trying to take each others ice cream of each others spoons and they were standing up and lifting the ice cream higher and higher. We were all telling them to stop and then...I see the ice cream start to fall. I think I was afraid it was going to hit me, so I kinda jumped back a little. But if you remember, I was sitting in a wabbly chair with the back legs in a crack, and so the momentum made the chair start to tip, and somehow I could not catch myself. I had an ice cream cone in my hand, and my chair toppled over backwards. Yup. My legs when straight up into the air, and I was all of a sudden lying on the ground and the ice cream from the elders had splatted all over the table. Keep in mind that this happened in a skirt in front of two elders. Ya it was funny. Don't worry they didn't see anything, just a couple inches above my knees, but ya it was a bit embarrassing. We were all laughing so hard we were crying. It was a great little moment. ha not. But it was funny. Pretty sure Sister Villareal (the member) peed her pants. I don't know, but she was laughing really hard. Oh it was great. I want to forget it, really bad, but it happened, and now you know. So it's funny right. Now I have an embarrassing moment.

We also had the funniest door contact ever this week. Funniest! Basically we were talking to this guy and then this bee came, and it wouldn't leave us alone. It kept coming back to the door, and the guy would keep closing the door to make sure the bee didn't go inside the house and we would try to swat it with gospel pamphlets. But it wouldn't go away, then I told him, "I think he might have a home in your door hanging" and he lifted it up, and sure enough there was the starts of a bee hive there, but then the bee came back and so the guy went inside again, and we basically after trying to talk to him and trying to swat the bee, we were laughing so hard, and we were really far away from his door because the bee chased us away, and he yells from inside his house, with door open only a sliver, "I believe in Jesus Christ. Thank you for coming, but I'm ok." And we just couldn't stop laughing and I said, "Ok, we'll try back another day, I think you should get that taken care of." And he yelled, "ya I will." And we left. It was really funny. Poor guy. Our contact was ruined by a bee. I think Satan sent it. And that's what made it even funnier is cuz when the bee first came, the guy said, "I think the devil is sending me a sign." oh wow. it was crazy.

Mom there is this lady in our branch here that reminds me a lot of you. She is awesome! Sister Bjerkoe (sounded out Bee-ack-er, it's from norway) is super cool. And she is in charge of somethign for yw camp too. But you are kinda the same person. It's funny.

Ok, well, I must go. I hope you get all ready and prepared for conference this weekend. Think of some questions that you have and listen for answers as you watch conference. Take notes. Ponder, and pray. I promise you blessings.

Love you all!


Sister Petersen

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