Wednesday, June 29, 2011

mini missionary surprise

Email sent Monday 27 June 2011

Ok, so write as we finished emailing y,all last week we found out that we were getting two mini-missionaries 1 hour later. haha. We had no idea and kinda freaked out at first. But this week was a super awesome week. The two girls that we had with us all this week were from the valley as well, one from Edinburg and one from McAllen. They were so cute. It was super fun to work with them and for them to see what mission life is like. They are so cute.

I don't have a lot of time to write today because I have to do the scholarship thing. And because teh library closes in 20 minutes. But so many funny things happened this week. For example. One day the office elders called me and asked, "White or red?" I didn't know what they were talking about but I finally said, "red" and they said, "you are getting a new car tomorrow and you chose for it to be red." YAY a new car. And not just a new car for us but a NEW car. I have never driven a NEW car before in my life. So ya the next day, which was Zone conference in Harlingen (with the mini-missionaries) we switched out our cars, which was cool because I didn't like the giant boat of a malibu that we had, and now we have a 2011 Ford Fusion. And it's not really red, but burgundy. It's cool. Smells new. The elders were like, you picked red, that means we are going to get pulled over a lot. But it's not really red.

But then today...guess what happens? It was super lame, I got pulled over for the first time in my life. Thanks to the spirit the cop let me off with a warning. I really think it is because our car is red. That thing really is true that red just looks fast. I was so scared when I saw the lights behind me. It was lame because it was on teh freeway were the speed limit keeps changing and so I got caught after it had gone down, and ya. The end. Sad day. But I was warned.

So this week D... got his interview with Pres. Trayner and Elder Piena. He is set, well he just has to come to church one more Sunday and then pres can send the letter for 1st presidency approval. D... is doing awesome. He is making a journal of his whole story.

This week with the mini missionaries we had a lot of success. It was really cool. We exceeded all but two of our goals. And those we were super duper close.

We also found out transfer news this week. Tomorrow is transfers and we are not moving, BUT we are now going to be in a trio. A trio. Sister Salan (who I trained, two transfers ago in Laredo) will be my other companion. Weird that we are going to be back together but it will be fun.

Just to clarify - we do not go on double dates. It is just nick-named the "double-date district" because it is just us two sisters and us two elders here in Raymondville. And we are together a lot, because we have to drive them places. But don't worry, nothing happens. And plus. Starting tomorrow, this district is no more. We are now going to be combined with San Benito. Weird. We are sad, but it will be ok.

Seems like you all are having fun doing lots of cool things, going to Oregon, selling on ebay, basketball reffing, and fishing. Sounds fun.


Sister Petersen

Friday, June 24, 2011

Museum Treasures and the Awesomeness that is D...

Email sent Monday 20 June 2011

So this week we had an awesome opportunity. The whole time I've been in Raymondville we would drive by this old school that is now the Raymondville Museum and I always wanted to go inside. Sister Ruano and I tried one pday but found out it is only open for a couple hours on wed and saturday. But we know this guy, the owner of the best restaurant in Raymondville, (boot co.) and the maker of the best bacon cheeseburgers ever, and he is over something at the museum and he always gives us free food, and so he asked us if we could help them clean out some old stuff at the museum. YES! We were excited. The four of us went there and they showed us all around and took us to this back room FULL of stuff and we had to help them carry stuff to the garbage. And they said we could have whatever we wanted. So...Elder Piena walked out of there with this giant life size donkey made of basket stuff, and a real stuffed snake and some picture. It was super funny. Mostly it was just cool to look at all the cool old stuff they have in there. I loved it. We were really sweaty though. That's how we are about 90% of the time here though so what can you do? nada.

This week I hit my 6 months left on the mission mark. We burned a skirt. haha. Ya it was cool. I can't believe I only have six months. That is way too short. Not that I don't love y,all, I just love this too.

Ok so remember D..., that I told you about? He is still so awesome! He is the find of my mission. This man is prepared, Golden. He should be getting his interview from Pres Trayner this week. He is so legit. Remember how I told you that he is an amazing artist? well he is and the elders told him that he should go big with this. Favorite quote of the week, he responded saying, "No. My priorities right now are baptism, marriage and temple." He tells us all the time, "I know where I'm going. Celestial." And he has this look in his eyes you know that he will not back down for anything. He has a very strong testimony of the gospel. He came to church on sunday with his nephew D... and loved it. He heard a lot of really deep doctrine and he survived. Man we weren't scared about how he would take it, just a little nervous, but it just gave him even more fire. He is awesome. I really can see him being in the branch presidency here in the near future. The old branch pres was here this sunday and thought that D... was a long time member and was trying to put him to work donig home teaching and who knows what and everyone was like, chill, this is his first day. of all the priesthood holders that were there on sunday, which was like 7, he was one of the only ones in a white shirt and tie. THis guy is awesome.

Dad, I'm glad you could have a good Father's day. sounds fun all the stuff yall are doing. Sad to miss it. Sorry brandy I haven't written you. You won't get one this week either. Thanks mom for the package!, the stories I will ahve to tell you when I come home. This place is great. We are working hard to help it, and God is blessing us with miracles.

Brandy have fun in Oregon, tell quinton hi, if he still exists. I love yall, tell the ward hi too.


Sister Petersen

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Miracles in Raymondville!

Email sent Monday 13 June 2011

We have truely been so blessed this week. Sometimes on the mission, you are trying your hardest and nothing seems to happen. But that is when you just keep trying, keep your head up and miracles come. Sometimes we have to step a little bit into the dark before the way is lit up before us. That was kinda like this week. Well these past few weeks we've been working hard, but with no apparent success. But this week we prayed and prayed to be able to find prepared people. And guess what? The Lord answers prayers.

On Wedensday all of our appointments in the morning fell through, so we knew we needed to find someone. We ran into a street that neither of us has ever noticed before it seemed. And that is weird because our area in Raymondville is chiquito, so we've knocked like every street. But we found this one and knew we were supposed to knock there. It wasn't before we had only knocked a couple of houses that we found who God had sent us there to find. A man named D... was outside working in a yard with his friend and his little nephew D...

We began to talk with them and one of the first things that D... said to us once he found that we were missionaries from teh LDS church was "I am what you would call an investigator." We were surprised and excited to hear the story behind that. He then started telling us some of the things that he knows. Among some of the things he said were about how he wants to go to the Celestial Kingdom, that baptism is the gate, somethign about high priests, and temple marriage, and the doctrine and covenants, an priesthood linage, and how the Holy ghost is only your companion after baptism and priesthood blessings that felt really good.

Come to find out he had been being taught by this guy while he was in jail. His storry is really amazing. D... got out of jail 2 weeks ago and is on house arrest for 5 more weeks. But while in jail he found this guy who was different from all the other inmates and wanted to know why. The guy began to share with him the gospel. He taught him lots of things. The guy's wife sent D... 2 triple combinations (book of mormon with D&C and Pof GP) and he would get the ensign and stuff). He studied with this guy for four or five months in jail and they guy would tell him to pray about everything to see if it was true. His story really is miraculous.

I am so excited for D... He will be getting his baptismal interview on the 26th and after getting first presidency approval he will be baptized in July. He is the most prepared person I have ever met. And now we are teaching even more of his family, actually he is teaching his family. I can see him being an amazing leader in this branch in the near future. He is so cool.

And this week we also got to do exchanges with the San Benito sisters. Team Jordan reunited!!! Yay! Sister Morrill and I got to be together again for a day. She actually goes home in like three weeks. I'll try to get her to tell me about her homecoming so you can go. But anyway, we worked together on Saturday and it was another miracle day. I love working with her, we teach really well together. It is just easy. We saw a lot of miracles that day as well. And we got to catch up on how my people are doing in mission and how her people were doing in laredo. It was cool.

Happy Fathers day to all you fathers! Hope yall have a great week.


Sister Petersen

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Air is flowing again.

Email sent Monday 6 June 2011

As of about an hour ago air has been flowing again in our house!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay! So we moved back in this morning. (So you can send packages here). We stayed with the same member for the whole two weeks that the air was out. So we didn't have to suffer the heat that much just driving back and fourth to and from her house which is in a town called Lyford that is 5 miles from Raymondville. But it really was a fun two weeks. She is such a sweetheart. She made us breakfast every single morning and dinner pretty much everyday as well. She took good care of us and we probably gained a pound or two. haha We are kinda sad to leave. She became like our grandma. It was kinda like a long sleepover at grandma's house. We enjoyed it a lot and I think that things happen for a reason and maybe that is why our air had to go out for two whole weeks - because we needed to be with her. It was a fun experience but now I guess we are back in our house.

Don't worry mom, everything the missionaries do regarding living situations goes through the office and is approved by President Trayner. The reason it took so long to fix the air was because we had to communicate to the office senior couple and they talked with the Landlord and had to work stuff out and he reports to President and blah blah blah and back to us. There is now a senior couple that is assigned to do member support here in Raymondville and so they also helped us look for a new place to live. Problem was that here in Raymondville there is only one apartment complex...and the elders live there. And so, we couldn't. But anyway, the problem is fixed and its all good now. Everyone did a great job fixing it and the house we live in belongs to a member so ya.

Sister Ruano's first name is Wendolens. She was born in Guatemala. Moved to Cali when she was like 1 1/2 and to Utah when she was 12. She lived mostly in Salt Lake, but now her mom and bro are in Layton.

As far as spanish, yes pres has this thing to help us learn spanish where we can earn awards: captain, higher captain, and chief captian. I have my captian, and hopefully will get my higher captian soon. :) It's a cool little program. And yes we get the ensign and the liahona. Each companionship gets one, so I don't need my own. I just like you to send me the english conference ones so that I can have it for myself and take it with me and mark it up and stuff. But I don't need a spanish one.

Biking is cool. It's not too bad, well sort of but not really. I got a bit sun burnt the first day. But there is always a nice cool breeze here so it is nice. But we are always sweaty. I don't get hat hair too much. We only ride the bike for like 5 minutes adn then park it and walk around so it's not bad. I clip my skirt together so it looks like a big diaper, but when I'm riding you can't tell. haha. But it is funny. It might get caught in the spokes some day. Sister Ruano has had it happen quite a bit. But it's fun.

I'm glad graduation was nice. Brandy is awesome. 3.945 GPA way to go! What was mine, I think you got pretty close :) Mom, you have 10 students! Wow that's a lot. You should have brandy take over some of them for the summer since she doesn't ahve a job and needs money. just a thought. Tell Spence congrats for me at his wedding.

The small branch is different but fun. It is not necesarily harder here to find people. It's pretty much the same I guess as McAllen. We have a church building it is just really small. Really small. I'll take pictures someday so that ya'll can see it. But the missionary work is pretty much the same.

We don't ever get discouraged. We may be disappointed sometimes, but discouraged means lack of courage and that is not good, that is what Satan wants. We have had a couple of rough weeks in finding people, but we are working on it and we know that there are prepared people here. Yes we do have a member list of all the members and we are going by them to reactivate and baptize part-member families.

So this week was just another great week. We taught primary this week. It was fun. Our primary president left church in an ambulance. But she is doing better now. Not much eventful really. It was interesting week.

Thanks I love you,



Sister Petersen

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Heat wave and no escape...

Email sent Tuesday 31 May 2011

What a week. This week has been a whirlwind of rushing here and there and driving here and there and craziness. Let me explain.

This week is the last week of the month and we are severly low on miles on our car and so we are biking every day. I got some sun, but not bad, but the bad thing is that it is just SO hot. But it's fun.

On Tuesday when we came home for our quick lunch break to our house we noticed it was a little warm inside. We thought nothing really of it, just turned the ac up a little more. Later that night we returned home for the night. The moment we opened the door into the house we knew somehting was wrong. It was SO hot inside. It was muggy and gross. We went and looked at the thermostat, and guess what it was... about 87 degrees. At 9 at night. So much for coming home to cool off. We tried what we could to make the AC go on with no success. It was already late so there was nothing we could do about it. So we just slept with the windows opena nd stuff. And in the morning it had cooled down because of hte breeze of the night and it was only about 80 degrees. So we had our studies and whatnot and continued through a crazy rushed day. We didn't ahve time to do much about the problem because of lots of other crazy important pressing issues, we kinda forgot about it. But anyway, we started asking around to members to see if anyone knows how to fix central air and basically no one does because we are in Raymondville. most people have those little window ac's. And Raymondville is small, so there was nothing. So we returned home to a house even hotter than before. It was about 90 degrees and we slept there that night too. It was so hot and sticky and muggy. I don't know how people live in that all the time. It was just not the funnest thing. So we really started to make some calls on Thursday morning----happy one year mark to me---to try to get someone to fix it and figure out what our landlord was going to do about it.

Anyway we had this guy, one of our neighbors friends, come over and he "fixed it" it worked for about 15 minutes but after he left it stopped again. And his "fix" cost me $45. UGH. So we have made a lot of phone calls and then the office had this real company come and look at it and they say that we need a whole new unit because it is old (1986) and that will cost about 9000 dollars. WOW. Ya. lots. And basically the owner of the house says that the church has to pay and the church says "NO WAY." and So the senior missionary in the office has told us that we have to look for a new place to live.

So that night when we finally returned and found it hot again we called up a member and asked her if we could stay the night with her. So Thursday night we stayed with Sister Calvo. She was so nice to let us stay...and keep staying. We ahve been at her house every night since. I feel bad just staying and making ourselves at home, but we can't stop being missionaries just because our AC is broken and our house stinks and is 90 degrees. We just laugh at the funny situation. So Sister Ruano and I are looking for a new place to live and driving to and from Sister Calvo's house which is in a little town about 5 miles south of raymondville. So president had to give us emergency miles on our car to get us too and from her house cuz it's far. And our house is not very pleasant to be inside at the moment. Sister Calvo is so nice though. She makes us breakfast. This morning she taught us how to make flour tortillas. She makes us dinner too. And the beds are comfortable. And she has AC. And it is all just very nice. But it is hard being so far away from our area.

Also this week we had a of the boys we have been teaching we found out that he could get baptized this past Sunday. And everything was good to go, and we even took pictures in white and everything...and then, his mom didn't show up, and they had to cancel the baptism because we still needed her signature. And she didn't feel like coming and so he couldn't get baptized. It's this whole crazy situation with a long story but the moral of it is, get the signature way in advance, but that was impossible for us to have done, so we did everythign we could, but hopefully it will happen this week.

We found this awesome guy this week. His name is A.... He knows so much truth and he came to church on Sunday and really like it. We are really excited for him.

Ok so Tomorrow starts Hurricane season. I did not realize how close we actually are to the coast until last week when I grabbed a map on our way out of the library. We are close. And we live in a flood zone. So ya. Welcome to teh valley. So for the supplies I need, yes mom, we have blue water jug things. but what I need is just the food stuff, and water filtration stuff and bottles. But I know they sell it all here. if you could just put money on my card i can get it next week. what I do need from you though is more garments. :) I need like four more of the dri-lux bottoms and maybe 2 more of the tops you got before. Then I can put a pair in my 72 hour kit and I can have more for changing on those hot days. Honestly we feel like showering when we come home for our lunch break becasue it is so hot. But the rest of the stuff I can probably get here unless there's something else you want me to have.

Sorry, I have to go, but I love you all. Congrats brandy on Graduating!!! Dad I might go fishing next pday, have fun in oregon ! And mom, thanks for always emailing. send me pictures and I want you to be in them this time. :)


Sister Petersen