Thursday, June 16, 2011

Miracles in Raymondville!

Email sent Monday 13 June 2011

We have truely been so blessed this week. Sometimes on the mission, you are trying your hardest and nothing seems to happen. But that is when you just keep trying, keep your head up and miracles come. Sometimes we have to step a little bit into the dark before the way is lit up before us. That was kinda like this week. Well these past few weeks we've been working hard, but with no apparent success. But this week we prayed and prayed to be able to find prepared people. And guess what? The Lord answers prayers.

On Wedensday all of our appointments in the morning fell through, so we knew we needed to find someone. We ran into a street that neither of us has ever noticed before it seemed. And that is weird because our area in Raymondville is chiquito, so we've knocked like every street. But we found this one and knew we were supposed to knock there. It wasn't before we had only knocked a couple of houses that we found who God had sent us there to find. A man named D... was outside working in a yard with his friend and his little nephew D...

We began to talk with them and one of the first things that D... said to us once he found that we were missionaries from teh LDS church was "I am what you would call an investigator." We were surprised and excited to hear the story behind that. He then started telling us some of the things that he knows. Among some of the things he said were about how he wants to go to the Celestial Kingdom, that baptism is the gate, somethign about high priests, and temple marriage, and the doctrine and covenants, an priesthood linage, and how the Holy ghost is only your companion after baptism and priesthood blessings that felt really good.

Come to find out he had been being taught by this guy while he was in jail. His storry is really amazing. D... got out of jail 2 weeks ago and is on house arrest for 5 more weeks. But while in jail he found this guy who was different from all the other inmates and wanted to know why. The guy began to share with him the gospel. He taught him lots of things. The guy's wife sent D... 2 triple combinations (book of mormon with D&C and Pof GP) and he would get the ensign and stuff). He studied with this guy for four or five months in jail and they guy would tell him to pray about everything to see if it was true. His story really is miraculous.

I am so excited for D... He will be getting his baptismal interview on the 26th and after getting first presidency approval he will be baptized in July. He is the most prepared person I have ever met. And now we are teaching even more of his family, actually he is teaching his family. I can see him being an amazing leader in this branch in the near future. He is so cool.

And this week we also got to do exchanges with the San Benito sisters. Team Jordan reunited!!! Yay! Sister Morrill and I got to be together again for a day. She actually goes home in like three weeks. I'll try to get her to tell me about her homecoming so you can go. But anyway, we worked together on Saturday and it was another miracle day. I love working with her, we teach really well together. It is just easy. We saw a lot of miracles that day as well. And we got to catch up on how my people are doing in mission and how her people were doing in laredo. It was cool.

Happy Fathers day to all you fathers! Hope yall have a great week.


Sister Petersen

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