Wednesday, June 29, 2011

mini missionary surprise

Email sent Monday 27 June 2011

Ok, so write as we finished emailing y,all last week we found out that we were getting two mini-missionaries 1 hour later. haha. We had no idea and kinda freaked out at first. But this week was a super awesome week. The two girls that we had with us all this week were from the valley as well, one from Edinburg and one from McAllen. They were so cute. It was super fun to work with them and for them to see what mission life is like. They are so cute.

I don't have a lot of time to write today because I have to do the scholarship thing. And because teh library closes in 20 minutes. But so many funny things happened this week. For example. One day the office elders called me and asked, "White or red?" I didn't know what they were talking about but I finally said, "red" and they said, "you are getting a new car tomorrow and you chose for it to be red." YAY a new car. And not just a new car for us but a NEW car. I have never driven a NEW car before in my life. So ya the next day, which was Zone conference in Harlingen (with the mini-missionaries) we switched out our cars, which was cool because I didn't like the giant boat of a malibu that we had, and now we have a 2011 Ford Fusion. And it's not really red, but burgundy. It's cool. Smells new. The elders were like, you picked red, that means we are going to get pulled over a lot. But it's not really red.

But then today...guess what happens? It was super lame, I got pulled over for the first time in my life. Thanks to the spirit the cop let me off with a warning. I really think it is because our car is red. That thing really is true that red just looks fast. I was so scared when I saw the lights behind me. It was lame because it was on teh freeway were the speed limit keeps changing and so I got caught after it had gone down, and ya. The end. Sad day. But I was warned.

So this week D... got his interview with Pres. Trayner and Elder Piena. He is set, well he just has to come to church one more Sunday and then pres can send the letter for 1st presidency approval. D... is doing awesome. He is making a journal of his whole story.

This week with the mini missionaries we had a lot of success. It was really cool. We exceeded all but two of our goals. And those we were super duper close.

We also found out transfer news this week. Tomorrow is transfers and we are not moving, BUT we are now going to be in a trio. A trio. Sister Salan (who I trained, two transfers ago in Laredo) will be my other companion. Weird that we are going to be back together but it will be fun.

Just to clarify - we do not go on double dates. It is just nick-named the "double-date district" because it is just us two sisters and us two elders here in Raymondville. And we are together a lot, because we have to drive them places. But don't worry, nothing happens. And plus. Starting tomorrow, this district is no more. We are now going to be combined with San Benito. Weird. We are sad, but it will be ok.

Seems like you all are having fun doing lots of cool things, going to Oregon, selling on ebay, basketball reffing, and fishing. Sounds fun.


Sister Petersen

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