Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Air is flowing again.

Email sent Monday 6 June 2011

As of about an hour ago air has been flowing again in our house!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay! So we moved back in this morning. (So you can send packages here). We stayed with the same member for the whole two weeks that the air was out. So we didn't have to suffer the heat that much just driving back and fourth to and from her house which is in a town called Lyford that is 5 miles from Raymondville. But it really was a fun two weeks. She is such a sweetheart. She made us breakfast every single morning and dinner pretty much everyday as well. She took good care of us and we probably gained a pound or two. haha We are kinda sad to leave. She became like our grandma. It was kinda like a long sleepover at grandma's house. We enjoyed it a lot and I think that things happen for a reason and maybe that is why our air had to go out for two whole weeks - because we needed to be with her. It was a fun experience but now I guess we are back in our house.

Don't worry mom, everything the missionaries do regarding living situations goes through the office and is approved by President Trayner. The reason it took so long to fix the air was because we had to communicate to the office senior couple and they talked with the Landlord and had to work stuff out and he reports to President and blah blah blah and back to us. There is now a senior couple that is assigned to do member support here in Raymondville and so they also helped us look for a new place to live. Problem was that here in Raymondville there is only one apartment complex...and the elders live there. And so, we couldn't. But anyway, the problem is fixed and its all good now. Everyone did a great job fixing it and the house we live in belongs to a member so ya.

Sister Ruano's first name is Wendolens. She was born in Guatemala. Moved to Cali when she was like 1 1/2 and to Utah when she was 12. She lived mostly in Salt Lake, but now her mom and bro are in Layton.

As far as spanish, yes pres has this thing to help us learn spanish where we can earn awards: captain, higher captain, and chief captian. I have my captian, and hopefully will get my higher captian soon. :) It's a cool little program. And yes we get the ensign and the liahona. Each companionship gets one, so I don't need my own. I just like you to send me the english conference ones so that I can have it for myself and take it with me and mark it up and stuff. But I don't need a spanish one.

Biking is cool. It's not too bad, well sort of but not really. I got a bit sun burnt the first day. But there is always a nice cool breeze here so it is nice. But we are always sweaty. I don't get hat hair too much. We only ride the bike for like 5 minutes adn then park it and walk around so it's not bad. I clip my skirt together so it looks like a big diaper, but when I'm riding you can't tell. haha. But it is funny. It might get caught in the spokes some day. Sister Ruano has had it happen quite a bit. But it's fun.

I'm glad graduation was nice. Brandy is awesome. 3.945 GPA way to go! What was mine, I think you got pretty close :) Mom, you have 10 students! Wow that's a lot. You should have brandy take over some of them for the summer since she doesn't ahve a job and needs money. just a thought. Tell Spence congrats for me at his wedding.

The small branch is different but fun. It is not necesarily harder here to find people. It's pretty much the same I guess as McAllen. We have a church building it is just really small. Really small. I'll take pictures someday so that ya'll can see it. But the missionary work is pretty much the same.

We don't ever get discouraged. We may be disappointed sometimes, but discouraged means lack of courage and that is not good, that is what Satan wants. We have had a couple of rough weeks in finding people, but we are working on it and we know that there are prepared people here. Yes we do have a member list of all the members and we are going by them to reactivate and baptize part-member families.

So this week was just another great week. We taught primary this week. It was fun. Our primary president left church in an ambulance. But she is doing better now. Not much eventful really. It was interesting week.

Thanks I love you,



Sister Petersen

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