Friday, June 25, 2010

More people I know

Email sent Friday 25 June 2010

Hola familia, this computer's enter key doesn't work so this is just going to be one big run-on paragraph.. Sorry, and the period key puts two periods every time you press it so deal with it.. How are you all? It seems like you'll have kept way busy.. I can't believe you let Brandy go all the way to Cedar City with 3 other girls by themselves.. You would have never let us do that when we were in high school.. Letting us drive to a dance was a big deal.. Goodness brandy you should consider yourself SOOOO lucky.. So how was SUU? Did you like the campus? Was the trip fun? Did you get to swim? ---- So have you gotten a video from the MTC yet? There may be others coming too.. I will be playing two more times.. :) haha.. Has anyone checked my facebook lately? Brandy could you do that and find me Holly Moody's mission address and Send a message to Jana Watkins and ask her for her address right now too.? Thanks that would be great.. ---- Guess what?! This week we got a new district in our zone and guess who is in it.?!?! John Nelson! So funny.. My comp and I were watching a conference talk on the computer in they newbies' room and two elders walked in, and I turned around and we were both like "hey I know you.." It was funny.. So ya I'll try to get a picture this week to send to you.. You can tell Ray and his wife that I'll take good care of John, or Elder Nelson.. (Explanation: Jon's dad, Ray and Melinda's mom, Laurie, are cousins. Jon ran cross country and Melinda, Quinton, and Brandy got to know Jon through running.) Oh also somethign cool, yesterday on our way to lunch we saw and met Elder Russel M.. Nelson! We shook his hand and everything.. The new mission president's conference is going on right now so pretty sure like all the general authorities are here.. We have a special fireside tonight so that will be awesome.. And then I get to meet my new mission president......oh wait, I've already met him! :) But we do get to see him for real again tonight with all the missionaries here that are going to teh Texas Mcallen Mission.. So taht will be fun.. And no, all of the TX mcallen missionaries are not in the same district or zone.. There are five of us in my district, but the rest of our zone is going elsewhere.. We found a whole other zone going to mcallen and I'm sure there is more somewhere else.. We'll meet them all tonight.. ---- Ali's little brother Steven entered the MTC this week too and he found me, so taht was really cool to see him here.. He is doing well it seems.. ---- We have the most beautiful view out of our classroom window, I don't know if I told you.. But some classrooms don't even have a window, but we are so luck you look out and see squaw peak and the temple up on the hill.. It is really pretty.. ----- I'm glad you liked the shop hop mom and found people to go with you.. :) If I want to send Quinton a letter for his birthday what's the address? -----Ok so this past week has been quite busy as is every week, but the upcoming week will be even busier.. This week we heard from Elder Lowell M.. Snow of the 2nd quorum of the 70.. He spoke abouta lot of things about how to teach.. He talked about the diference between being united with the church and being converted to teh Lord.. If you read in Alma 23:6 it talks about how the Lamanites who were converted to the Lord never did fall away.. I want you all to think about this.. Which are we? Are we merely united with the church or are we converted to the Lord so much that we would bury our weapons "deep" in the earth and suffer even till death rather than commit sin as the Lamanites who were converted by the Sons of Mosiah were.. Really think about it.. Conversion, just like faith is an action word.. A testimony is to know and feel, but conversion is to do and become.. I challenge you this week to think about all of this and finish this statement: "Because I have faith in Jesus Christ, and am converted unto the Lord, I will........" and finish the sentence with a specific action that you will try to do to strengthen your conversion and the conversion of others.. And remember that, as Elder Scott has said, "The Lord will not force you to learn.. You must exercise your agency to authorize the Lord to teach you.." It is a choice you have to make and act on.. I know that if you do you will be blessed and the relationship you have with your father and his son Jesus Christ will be strengthened and that you will be able to say as the Lamanites who left their wicked ways that you are converted unto the Lord.. ----This week is going to be so busy because we are doing what is called La Semana de Poder, or Power Week.. We are only have one or two hours of class every daya nd the the rest of the time will be for us to practice teaching the first lesson in spanish.. My comp and I have a goal to teach over 35 thirty minute lessons by next thursday.. It is going to be crazy.. I don't think I know enough words to teach it, but we are going to have to do it anyway.. It is going to be crazy cool.. And then hopefully we will be ready for our first TRC spanish teaching experience next thursday.. Which after teaching 35 lessons should be a breeze.. haha, we'lll see about that.. ----Yes looking back on the first few days is weird.. I see the new missionaries come in and I remember exactly what it was like.. They are so nervous as they teach and have to talk in spanish.. I was that way.. But new things are always going to be somewhat difficult.. You just have to try your hardest to get through it and remember that after a few days it will be ok and you'll start to love it.. Ok I'm looking forward to your package.. If you can find my workout clothes more woiuld be great.. :) I love you all! --Love Melinda send this to Quinton please and I didn't get his this week :(

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Re: Your watch

Email sent Friday, 18 June 2010


How are you all?! This has been a crazy fast week. And again a way crazy out of order, random email is what I have for you and 22 minutes to do it. Here it goes.

Thanks for the watch! I don't know if I said it before but thanks I really needed it. I didn't realize I relied on my cell phone so much to tell me the time.

So I saw Bryce on monday that was cool. I was walking down the hall to my class and I heard a familiar voice yell my name and low and behold it was Hermano Cameron. It was good to see him but kinda hard to because it brings back memories of what I could be doing if I wasn't here. But it's good taht I am here because this is better.

Tuesday went well. Elder Donald L. Hallstrom of the Presidency of the Seventy came and spoke at the devotional. So that's who I got to play in front of...him and 2200 other people. I was nervous but I think it went really well. Elder McKinnin's voice is amazing.

I love wednesdays because we get to see all of the new missionaries. This week we got a new district in our zone because one of our districts left for Chile on monday. And our new zone is mostly going to chile, and guatemala. We get a new one next week too. Wednesday was probably the best day food wise here at the MTC ever. At least for lunch. THey had these navajo tacos atha were so good!!! And then we were like hey, I wonder if we could just go ask them for the scone thing they put the navajo taco on and go make some honey butter out of honey and butter. So we did and it was AMAZING!!! THe best food ever. I ate too much. And then of course we had ice cream for dinner. It was a great food day. Most are not good. Sadly

Ashlynn's engaged?! You didn't tell me that. crazy. Sareen Walker who was supposed to go into the mtc soon, who went to the SL temple with me that one night is engaged..and so she's not coming to the mtc. crazy.

I'm glad you got to go to all of Uncle Ken's things. And that's cool that our stake is having a float. I was wondering if they'd ever do that again. Yes Miss Erickson sent me a package from Dear Elder with a bunch of chocolate and white-chocolate covered popcorn in it. It was really good and really nice of her.

Ok so our task in the TRC this week went pretty good. Well let's just say that our investigator was golden. The spanish part of the task he just talked and talked. I followed him for the beginning but then somehow he got off on something and both me and hermana sigler were lost and just nodded and smiled as he was talking about Spain and the spanish they speak there and something about vos and castillano. I don't know. But for the english part we had to teach the second lesson (plan of salvation). I thought it went pretty well. We were able to answer all of his questions, but we didn't really get to teach the whol plan, not very much actually. he just came up with lots of random questions, so what we need to improve on is taking control of the lesson. We obviously want to teach to his needs, but we need to also lead, and not be led. So we need to improve.

If you haven't sent that package yet, could you send my white volleyball shirt if it's in the dresser and you can find it easy. If not it's ok. Don't search to hard for it. Also the picture of christ on the side of our desk that says "make each choice with your face to the son" I want that.

I'm sending brandy a letter, sorry it's only for her, but there are pictures in it so ya'll can have those. And I do still want a pic of our house and how is cookie doing?

On tuesday at our large group meeting we learned about why getting people to sacrament meeting is so important. It is the one key indicator that is very highly correlated with the number of baptisms. So sunday is game day in the mission field. Elder Hallstrom at the devo also talked about making covenants, which is cool because today we were able to go to the temple for maybe the last time. We did a session and that was good, but then my district went and did sealings. As missionaries we can't be the couple but we can be children. It was really amazing to be able to see how that ordinance is done. I'm really glad that I was able to go do that before the temple closed. Next week we also have the oportunity to go and clean the temple. I don't know what they will have us do, but we have to go for 3 hours next friday. That will be very cool I am sure.

Well I still have to write all of my thank you notes, I just don't have time ever. We are only allowed to write stuff on p-day and p-day is really only 5 hours long and we have to do laundry during that too. And today it was even shorter because we didn't get done with the sealings till 2. So ya. But I will get them done sometime. Will you check my real email and if there are any emails from missionaries or whoever that I may want to see, send them to me in a dear elder again. That would be great. I gave that address to some of the elders who left on monday, so it would be cool if they wrote. My companion gets so many letters. It is almost depressing for the rest of us. Que triste. But anyway, all is good here! I hope to hear from ya'll again soon next week.



Saturday, June 12, 2010

Answering Questions

Email sent Friday, 11 Junee 2010

Hey family,

Ok so I'll just start off by answering as many questions as I can. In no order in particular. haha sorry if this is all over the place.

I bought a spanish children's hymn book here, a full size one for only like 4 dollars, but the english ones are 20. Weird huh. It is very strange. Thank you so much for the package this week. I really needed all of those things. I especially like the cookies! They were great! My district thought so also, but don't worry I still have a couple left for me and I am cherrishing them. It was funny actually, the day before I got your package, I got a package from Ali...and it was full of homemade oreos as well. I guess you all know me pretty well.

As far as the plaque scripture, I was going to tell you last week but forgot. It will be Joshua 1:8-9 ("8. This book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth; but thou shalt meditate therein day and night, that thou mayest observe to do according to all that is written therein: for then thou shalt make thy way prosperous, and then thou shalt have good success. 9. Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed; for the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest.") I love it.

Ok so funny story: for gym here at the MTC we can either play inside in the actual gymnasium where you can play basketball, foursquare, volleyball, or run on the track or lift weights, or you can go outside to the field sorta up by the temple and play volleyball, soccer, softball, croque, or run or whatever. Usually we go inside and I love to play basketball, it is lame though because if I want to play I have to find another sister to be on the other team and I can only guard her, sisters can't guard elders so that makes it kinda dumb and less competetive. But it's still fun to play. But anyway, we went outside to play one day last week and we were playing softball and I was up to bat and I hit the first pitch that came to me over around 3 base or so. I started running and saw that an elder was really close to getting the ball and throwing it to first to get me out. So I was sprinting to first base and you know, going really fast. The elder threw the ball and the elder on 1st base caught it right before I got there. But I didn't have time to slow down or change my direction, so I just ran right into the elder on 1st base. It wasn't really a big deal except that all of the elders playing which was all but me and my companion, thought it was so funny because sisters and elders are not supposed to touch each other. It was great. They were more making fun of the elder but it was pretty funny. 19 year old boys are very 19.

Also another thing about gym that bugs me, is that sisters are not allowed to even play soccer with elders...which means sisters can not play soccer ever. Because there's no way you are going to be able to find enough sisters to play a competive game. Lame. It really bugs me. Our zone plays soccer all of the time, but I can't play because I'm fragile or something. Stupid double standard, but whatever. It doesn't matter.

Here in the MTC all of the classroom building hallways are lined with big pictures of missionaries all over the world. Most of them look really old but they are cool like people being baptized in the middle of this ice hole in a lake or in the ocean or weird things like that. So my companioni and I have a goal to do something so cool on our missions and take a picture of it and get it in the MTC collection. I don't know what it would take but I will try. haha

Wednesdays and Sundays are great here because they serve BYU ice cream for lunch and dinner. It is so good and they have the best hot fudge. I love it. No I am not getting fat.

Thanks for the IPOD charger. We actually can't listen to any music at the MTC which is lame, but I will be able to use it out in Texas for sure so thanks!

So you all went fishing at Trial Lake? That's fun. That is like our spot. It was really pretty up there. A fish hook in your arm? You and dad need to really start being more careful. You always tell us to be careful, but ya'll are the ones getting punctured.

I have gotten quite a bit of mail. At least the elders always think so. But my companion gets more than me, a lot more actually. But we have both gotten something pretty much every day. I love getting mail. So don't stop. :) The black dress you fixed is working great. Basically the packet guidelines for sister's clothes are very conservative. Everyone brought more stuff than it said to and the pictures in it lack color and current style...(some words changed to protect the innocent!) We are very fashionable here at the MTC.

Brandy's working at Kneaders huh? Great! Cashier. That's kinda stressful to learn to do and especially if she has to do it at lunch time. but working in the back is worse.

Ok four minutes left.

Now to the happenings: My companion and I and another Elder (Elder Neves) set a goal to finish the Book of Mormon by the time he leaves which is June 28th. Soon I know. I am just starting Alma right now. I love the Book of Mosiah! It was so great. I was really studying the history of everything in that book and when you really understand it it is really cool.

This week Elder Robert D. Hales came and spoke to us about letting our light shine and sharing it with others by bearing our testimonies. It was really good.

An Elder in my district has an amazing voice. His name is Elder McKinnin. We tried out to sing at a devotional and we made it. We will be performing in front of the whole MTC on Tuesday 2500 people Ah!

Well I have to go but I love you all



Sunday, June 6, 2010

First Week

Email sent Friday 4 June 2010

Hola my familia,

Ok first things first. I only get 30 minutes on the computer so when I have to read all of your emails that takes a lot of time. So for next week, how about this. Send me all of your email stuff in Dear Elders on Wednesday night, and then I will for sure get them by Thursday night and have read them when I get on to email on Friday. You can still write a little email if you forgot to tell me something, but I just don't have time to read it all. So ya. I will probably email around 3 or 3:30 every friday.

The watch I wanted was the open linked band. I don't know if it will fit, probably. But whatever, I just really need a watch. And conditioner, and a letter opener would be nice, and Matt Crook's address and an update on if he's left yet, and clear nail polish for nylons.

This week has gone a lot better than the first couple of days did. I actually am beginning to really like it here. The MTC is actually amazing it just takes some getting used to. Sundays and Tuesdays are the best and Fridays because we get to go to the temple. Guess who I saw in the cafeteria the other day!!! Senora Sullivan, my spanish teacher from middle school! Her and her husbad are going to Chile on a mission! She recognized me and came up to me. So I told her how I'm learning spanish and how quinton is in ghana. She's great!

Also if you could send me Quinton's emails in a dear elder, even the ones from the past two weeks, because I just haven't had time to read them, that would be great.

That's cool that you saw Brother Catt at Rachel's reception. He only was with us for about 3 hours so I don't know how he could tell all that about me in that short amount of time, but he seemed like a great guy. And a really good missionary and teacher.

So yes, I am the Senior Companion, which means that I just kind of lead our companionship studies and everything. It's not really a big deal, it just gives someone the last say on what we should do. She is the Coordinating sister for our znoe which only has 4 sisters right now. Our whole zone has 3 districts or about 30 people. We have missionaries going to texas, iowa, spain, mexico, chile, and probably one other place. But we are all spanish speaking. I love our zone. Our zone leaders, Elder Reed Dastrupt are great. I actually now Elder Reeds sister from being efy counselors together and she is here in the mtc right now also.

Ok so anyway, this week has been going really good. We go to this gym class for sisters every morning at 6 and that is a great way to start the day. And then we have two class sessions and one long study session every day. With meals inbetween. We feel like we are always eating. And the food really isn't that good. The ice cream we get on sundays and wednesdays is though!!!

Well I'll have more time to write next week if you send your stuff in dear elders. Thanks for all of your letters. I challenge all of you to go to the temple this week. Yes all of you. We have so many temples so close, it's crazy not to take advatage of it, and plus after two weeks from now I will not be able to go for 17 months so you guys will have to go enough times to make it up for me. (the provo temple is closing in two weeks :( )

Anyway that's all for now. I love you all, and I am doing much better. Until next week...


Hermana Melinda Petersen

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Re: MTC life sounds exciting!!!

Email sent Saturday 29 May 2010

Hola familia,

So today is my half p-day and by that I mean that I get 3 hours of p-day to do three days worth of laundry and write people. But I only get 30 minutes of computer time. So anyway I'll get to it.

So yes I got both of your letters mom. Thanks so much. And thanks for everything that you did to help me get ready to go. So to answer your questions. There are four of us in my room. Though there are six beds so eventually we might get more sisters but who knows. There are ten people total in our district, us four sisters, three elders going to texas and three going to spain. The two other sisters in our room are going to Des Moines Iowa. We are all spanish speaking. On thursday, my companera Hermana Sigler was called as our zone's coordinating sister, which usually goes to a sister who has been here for awhile, but there are only four sisters in our zone and we all got here on wednesday, so they had to call one of us new people. So I was called as Senior companion. We don't really know what our jobs are in conjunction with those callings yet, but I guess we'll find out soon.

I have already seen a lot of people that I know here. Angela Glade who I know from high school, and Caitlin Nichols who was McKall and Ashlynns roommate both live on my floor. Holly Moody who I know from freshman year is also here. I saw Spencer Hunter yesterday and he is alive and well, so tell his mom and dad that. Zach Trayner is also here and I've seen him quite a bit in the cafeteria. I also saw Sara Newman who works in the cafeteria.

Hermana Sigler's mom saw you on the missionary mom's thing and so she looked me up on facebook. She's from Las Vegas but went to BYU. She's great, but we haven't really gotten to know each other very well yet.

Well I have to go, but I'll write you next week and every week after that on Fridays so make sure everyone emails me by thursday night. I love you all!

Hermana Petersen