Saturday, June 19, 2010

Re: Your watch

Email sent Friday, 18 June 2010


How are you all?! This has been a crazy fast week. And again a way crazy out of order, random email is what I have for you and 22 minutes to do it. Here it goes.

Thanks for the watch! I don't know if I said it before but thanks I really needed it. I didn't realize I relied on my cell phone so much to tell me the time.

So I saw Bryce on monday that was cool. I was walking down the hall to my class and I heard a familiar voice yell my name and low and behold it was Hermano Cameron. It was good to see him but kinda hard to because it brings back memories of what I could be doing if I wasn't here. But it's good taht I am here because this is better.

Tuesday went well. Elder Donald L. Hallstrom of the Presidency of the Seventy came and spoke at the devotional. So that's who I got to play in front of...him and 2200 other people. I was nervous but I think it went really well. Elder McKinnin's voice is amazing.

I love wednesdays because we get to see all of the new missionaries. This week we got a new district in our zone because one of our districts left for Chile on monday. And our new zone is mostly going to chile, and guatemala. We get a new one next week too. Wednesday was probably the best day food wise here at the MTC ever. At least for lunch. THey had these navajo tacos atha were so good!!! And then we were like hey, I wonder if we could just go ask them for the scone thing they put the navajo taco on and go make some honey butter out of honey and butter. So we did and it was AMAZING!!! THe best food ever. I ate too much. And then of course we had ice cream for dinner. It was a great food day. Most are not good. Sadly

Ashlynn's engaged?! You didn't tell me that. crazy. Sareen Walker who was supposed to go into the mtc soon, who went to the SL temple with me that one night is engaged..and so she's not coming to the mtc. crazy.

I'm glad you got to go to all of Uncle Ken's things. And that's cool that our stake is having a float. I was wondering if they'd ever do that again. Yes Miss Erickson sent me a package from Dear Elder with a bunch of chocolate and white-chocolate covered popcorn in it. It was really good and really nice of her.

Ok so our task in the TRC this week went pretty good. Well let's just say that our investigator was golden. The spanish part of the task he just talked and talked. I followed him for the beginning but then somehow he got off on something and both me and hermana sigler were lost and just nodded and smiled as he was talking about Spain and the spanish they speak there and something about vos and castillano. I don't know. But for the english part we had to teach the second lesson (plan of salvation). I thought it went pretty well. We were able to answer all of his questions, but we didn't really get to teach the whol plan, not very much actually. he just came up with lots of random questions, so what we need to improve on is taking control of the lesson. We obviously want to teach to his needs, but we need to also lead, and not be led. So we need to improve.

If you haven't sent that package yet, could you send my white volleyball shirt if it's in the dresser and you can find it easy. If not it's ok. Don't search to hard for it. Also the picture of christ on the side of our desk that says "make each choice with your face to the son" I want that.

I'm sending brandy a letter, sorry it's only for her, but there are pictures in it so ya'll can have those. And I do still want a pic of our house and how is cookie doing?

On tuesday at our large group meeting we learned about why getting people to sacrament meeting is so important. It is the one key indicator that is very highly correlated with the number of baptisms. So sunday is game day in the mission field. Elder Hallstrom at the devo also talked about making covenants, which is cool because today we were able to go to the temple for maybe the last time. We did a session and that was good, but then my district went and did sealings. As missionaries we can't be the couple but we can be children. It was really amazing to be able to see how that ordinance is done. I'm really glad that I was able to go do that before the temple closed. Next week we also have the oportunity to go and clean the temple. I don't know what they will have us do, but we have to go for 3 hours next friday. That will be very cool I am sure.

Well I still have to write all of my thank you notes, I just don't have time ever. We are only allowed to write stuff on p-day and p-day is really only 5 hours long and we have to do laundry during that too. And today it was even shorter because we didn't get done with the sealings till 2. So ya. But I will get them done sometime. Will you check my real email and if there are any emails from missionaries or whoever that I may want to see, send them to me in a dear elder again. That would be great. I gave that address to some of the elders who left on monday, so it would be cool if they wrote. My companion gets so many letters. It is almost depressing for the rest of us. Que triste. But anyway, all is good here! I hope to hear from ya'll again soon next week.



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