Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The crazy week! Trios, dos verdecitas, moving, and more!

Email sent Monday 14 March 2011

Wow, this week was interesting. So for wednesday, thrusday and friday, sister Ruano (who I live with) got to go to McAllen for a leadership training because she is training right now. I begged president with everything I have that he would let me go to. I really wanted to go back and work in my old area and see all of my people and sister Morrill. But he told me I couldn't because I already had the training and I had to take care of Laredo and our two areas. So for three days that left me with Sister salan and sister Adams. Sister Adams has only been out about 3 weeks now. She's from Riverton, we actually have some mutual friends. It's funny. But she's super green. So the three of us were in a trio, trying to take care of both of our giant areas for three whole days. It was craziness. We hardly had time to find any new people we were just going from appointment to appointment trying to help the people we already had. Teaching in a trio is crazy. No me gusto. I hope president knows to never put me in one. I didn't like it. :0 Being with two greenies was interesting two. They wouldn't talk. ugh. It was a crazy week.

Then to add to the craziness...we moved on Saturday! Ya. The four of us had to move completely, furniture and everything to a new apartment. The zone leaders moved into teh one we were in before. They told us on Friday night that we had to be completely out on Saturday. It was crazy. Our new apartment is like a palace though. It is super nice. I think it is brand new. Never lived in before. So that is super awesome. The elders were amazed as they were moving our stuff into it. We lucked out/have sister trayner who treats us way to well. It's a really nice apartment. The bad part is that we left our beds and desks for the elders and the elders just moved their beds and desks into our new apartment and lets just say that their beds and desks are less than desirable. They kinda stink. Well two of the beds squeak like crazy and two of the desks are just tables that have been carved on by too many elders. But we did get to take the washer and dryer. You should have seen the look on their faces when they found out it was ours and not theirs. They were devastated. It was sad. I don't know why we got such a good deal.

But as for right now, our apartment looks like a tornado. Literally, it is a mess. That is our task today, to put everything away and organize and stuff. If we don't do it today we won't ahve the spirit in our house all week. It is kinda stressful to look at. I'm sore from lifting so many boxes and moving stuff. Moving is a pain. But oh well. We have a super nice apartment now. And hopefully no cockroaches at all. :)

Glad you had a good birthday dad! 58 huh?! Nice. Spence is engaged! Sweet. Why do I have to miss the wedding? Man. Enjoy spring break. :) Hey don't know if you've sent that package yet, but could you include like 5 scripture marking red pencils with erasers?  Just one. Thanks!

BYU is ranked 3rd. That's cool!

I love you all, I'll try to write a letter today...but don't know if I will hve time with all the moving to do.


Sister Petersen

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