Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The heat returns: 102 degrees yesterday

Email sent Monday 28 February 2011

And you thought Utah weather was bi-polar. It was snowing a few weeks ago, and now it is 102 degrees. It was super hot yesterday. But I was trying to guess what it was and I was thinking it was high 80's. But apparently it was 102. I think that I was wrong because the 100's I was used to in McAllen were also super humid. But it's not humid here in Laredo. But there should be a cool front coming soon. "Cool front"

So Quinton has time to come home for the weekend but not write me? Silly boy.

Church ball is brutal. I hope that person is ok. Last week on p-day we played basketball, and it was the first time I had played in over 12 weeks. I played for at least 2 hours straight. The next day...I was so sore. SO sore. Every part of my body was sore, but I loved it. I think that's why I didn't have any headaches this week. Real exercize relieves stress. Basketball is awesome.

Brooke Larsen is 21? Wow, that's so weird. Tell her congrats from me on her mission call. That's super awesome. We will have another sister from our ward! Yay!

D-will and Booz are gone. What are the Jazz going to do. My team is going to be unrecognizable when I get home. Even the coach is different.

Go BYU. I hope they don't choke in the tournament like they seem to do sometimes.

!!!I got your package!!! Thanks so much! It was full of all sorts of goodies! I love those cookies. They were so good. But they are gone. :( You wrapped the package very well. Everything was intact. Even the fake potatoes. I'll try them, and see if miraculously they are good. But I know the cookie dough will be good.

I OFFICIALLY HIT 9 MONTHS ON SATURDAY! Wow. I can't believe it is half over. Well not quite, because I still have about 9 months and 2 weeks left to serve. So in about one week, I will really be 1/2 way. I burned a shirt on saturday night to celebrate. But it was kinda a lame celebration because we were all super tired. Saturdays are tiring days.

Laredo had a miracle this month of February. We baptized 15 people in the month of February. Laredo has not had that many in a month in over a year and a half. I wish I could say I was part of that, but we didn;t baptize anyone in February. :( It was a really hard month for us, but we were able to help our zone and our prayers were answered as yesterday 9 people were baptized. Everyday for the past week, all of the missionaries here in Laredo were praying for a list of 16 people by name so that they could get baptized yesterday. 9 of those people were baptized and some of those were miracle baptisms. One of our investigators, V....., was able to come and witness the baptism of five of them yesterday and she was so excited that we were able to mover her BD up from April 3, to March 13!!! She is awesome.

Oh, I got a letter from Tyler Walker the other week. It is a miracle it got to me because the envelope was ripped almost in half and whatever cool thing he had sent me from Chiapas was gone, but somehow the actual letter was still inside. The mail in mexico is super sketch.

Well until another week, I love you all. Dad how old are you turning? I can never remember.



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