Monday, March 21, 2011

Scorpions and baptisms

Email sent Monday 21 March 2011

Yes, we found a scorpion in our NEW apartment. We thought we had it bad with little cockroaches in teh last one. haha jk sort of. I really did find a scorpion in our apartment, but it was dead. So I hope there are no more. But it was kinda scary to find.

That's awesome that BYU is doing great. Why do they do good when I am gone. Ni modo, I hope they take it all the way to the top. How is yor brackets doing? Anybody make one?

I haven't gotten mail in like 2 weeks. I am starting to get really sad. :( haha, it is sad, but I'm not sad.

That's weird that both Quinton and Brandy have macs now. Take care of my por outdated HP for me.

On the good news side, we had a baptism yesterday of the cutest girl ever! Her name is V...... She is 19. (Again, I think my mission in life is to help youth. I hope one day I will be able to find and baptize a nice mexican family, but up to this point it has been mostly youth) But V..... is awesome. She is a beautiful young women and I have high hopes that one day she will marry in the temple. She has a very strong testimony of the restored gospel and is going to be a huge example to her friends who are less active members of the church. Through her faithfulness they will make changes in their lives to live the commandments and be strong in the gospel as well. It was a great day yesterday to be able to see her make that promise with God. Her dad was able to come and witness the service and was from what I could tell, very impressed by it and how all of the people here already love, care for and look out for his daughter.

This weekend alone we had 5 baptisms in Laredo. Laredo is really starting to catch fire. With the help of the Lord and his guidance given to us through his servant President Trayner we are seeing miracles.

Well that's all for now. Until next week.


Sister Petersen

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