Thursday, September 29, 2011

As september comes to a close

Email sent Monday 26 September 2011

Hola family,

This week was a transfer week and of all the over 25 sisters in the mission only 4 of them didn't move, and sister perkins and I were two of those. President made some big changes in all the sisters areas. My old area in Raymondville was just white-washed by elders. And my Laredo area was whitewashed by elders last transfer as well. My area in mission, is still sisters, but has had a lot of boundary changes and is now two sister areas I believe. Our area here in Port Isabel is staying the same. And we are seeing some great progress here.

With the start of a new transfer, I realized that I only have two left. :( That is a really sad thought, and try not to think about it at all because it is sad.) Everybody else seems to find ways to bring it up though, and it's kinda annoying. Everyone's favorite question to ask missionaries is "How long have you been out?" I usually just say "a little over a year" and they say, "oh so you still have a little ways" and I say, "ya" but I feel like I'm lying. But oh well. These last two transfers are going to be the best of my mission. At least that is what I am striving for. I feel I am becoming a better missionary every day, even though I still have such a long way to go.

This week we were able to get a lot of work done here. We had some good goals set and this week was probably one of the most successcul weeks of my mission as far as hitting our key indicator goals. This week we invited 7 people to be baptized and 6 accepted! We set 6 new baptismal dates. And they are actually with some pretty legit people. We are really excited for the month of October. Our zone has set a pretty high goal for october of 25 baptisms. 3 of those need to be ours to help our zone hit that goal. And we are really excited because as of right now we have the people.

This week we even found a family! Well the mom is a member, was baptized when she was 10, but is inactive and recently moved here. But we set a BD with the husband and the daughter. And we also set a marraige date! Cuz they need to get married before they can get baptized. I've always wanted to have a marriage/baptism. They are pretty cool, and we look forward to seeing them progress and be ready for the covenant of baptism in October.

I think I told you of our investigator G..., who is super awesome and prepared. This week we had some great spirit-filled lessons with him on the Restoration, word of wisdom, and law of chastity. He is so awesome, and his prayers are so sincere. He is committed 100% to live these commandmends and has a testimony of Joseph Smith and the BOok of Mormon. We have only been teaching him for almost 2 weeks, but he is very solid. We are excited for him, but he will have to wait for 1st presidency approval for his baptism. But he is willing.

Let's see, sounds like you all had a great week. Fun fishing and running and having Brandy home and whatnot. That is so horrible about what happened to sister doman. I hope the ward is doing a lot to help out their family right now. Wow. That is super sad. But what a blessing that she is ok.

Well, a couple of weeks ago, like 3 or 4 we played basketball on pday and I jammed my left pinkie real bad. But I thought it was fine, just a normal jammed finger. But it's been weeks, and while the swelling and the coloring is down and gone, it still hurts sometimes. Like when it gets cold, it hurts, and when I try to put weight on it or carry somethign. It kinda has a little bump on it too. Is it possible that I broke my pinkie? Probably not. But it's weird that it still hurts a little. Oh well.

Anyway, hope your weeks are going great. Keep having fun. Do some missionary work.


Sister Petersen

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