Monday, September 12, 2011


Email sent Monday 12 September 2011

This week ended with a great baptism day. C..., the ten year old daughter of less actives that we have been teaching, was baptized and confirmed yesterday! It was a great baptism. C... was so cute. The relief society presidente had made her a white baptism dress that was very cute and everything. About half the ward stayed for the baptism, it was awesome! And they fed us hotdogs afterwards. mmm. We were so happy because all of her family came. Her dad has not come the whole time we have been teaching her, but he came to all three hours of church yesterday and stayed for the baptism. And her older brother and sister came as well. It was a great day!

The rest of this week was a little rough though. Appointments falling through and stuff and people not progressing, but it's ok, we will work at it even harder this week and find people who are going to progress. Many will listen to our message, but those that will act on it are far and few in between. Those however are the chosen that we were sent to find and teach and so that is what we are trying to do. We know God has sent us here because there are people who are ready. We just got to find them.

About the bikes. The only area I have used my bike in was Raymondville, and we used it a lot. I can't use it here cuz my companion can not ride a bike because of medical issues. But otherwise we would. The mission is starting to use bikes more and more. All elders have to have bikes and sisters are supposed to as well. All sisters have cars, but we all only have a certain number of miles we can use each month and so if we are going to go over we have to bike instead. Some elders areas are only bike areas. District leader or not, just depending on the size of their area, it may be a bike or car area, but even the car areas have to bike a lot too. I've heard of some getting stolen, but nothing ever happened to mine. Just lock it up everytime you leave it. Be smart.

About the lawn: well the think was, it was fine, but then all of a sudden this tropical storm came and it rained a ton, and then we were working really hard, and kinda didn't notice that it was growning so fast, and a week or two later it was a forrest. oopps. But ya, cuz normally it never rains and so you only have to cut the lawn like once every couple months. But when it rained, and poured and grew rapidly.

Sounds like yall are staying busy. Have fun. Sorry but I got to go. I love you all!


Sister Petersen

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