Monday, September 19, 2011

Transfer news...exchanges...miracles...and the island...

Email sent Monday 19 September 2011

Greetings from Port Isabel!

This week was quite a crazy one. We have been working with these two guys for a couple weeks who are preparing for baptism on the second of October and this week, they have been really hard to meet with and are still really struggling with word of wisdom, and then whether it was phone problems or them ignoring us we don't know, but all Friday and Saturday, we couldn't get ahold of them. We thought that neither of them would end up coming to church since we couldn't contact them. But a miracle, on Sunday morning H... finally called us to tell us he was on his way to church! That was awesome! And we were able to find J... later that night and found that he had been in brownsville all weekend with his kids. Hopefully they will be back on track this week and be ready for their interviews next week.

This wednesday, we had exchanges for the first time in 2 months. It was about time we did those. Sister Villalobos got to come with me in my area. She was in the MTC with me and is such an awesome missionary. I love her so much! It was good to be able to talk with her and get her advice to help us out over here. We both go home together. We had a great miracle happen that day when we were together. We found this awesome guy. His name is G... and he really has been being prepared by God. God literally guided us to his house. He was ready and willing to accept a baptismal date. We had lessons with him as well since wednesday and he came to chruch yesterday! It was great. He really liked it and was asking questions and participating in all of the classes. We are very excited for G... He wishes that he was baptized already, but he has to wait until sometime in October. He really was a miracle find, and hoepfulley I can tell you more about him in the weeks to come.

Also this week, we got to go to the island! For a lesson we had in a member's home with G... It was weird to cross the bridge, we felt like we were doing something wrong, but we weren't cuz we had permission. But it was cool to go over there.

Also on Friday, there was an awesome mexican party in the spanish ward. It was so cool for mexican independence day. There was lots of food and music and dancing, we had a lot of non-members there. And don't worry we didn't dance.

Transfer news...both sister perkins and I are staying. So we get to keep working port isable.

the computer is going to kick me off so I have to go.

I love you,

Sister Petersen

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