Tuesday, August 9, 2011

tropical storm...that never came haha

Email sent Monday 1 August 2011

So this week was cool. Interesting with the storm. We had all these preparations like having our water and 72 hour kits ready and gas in our cars and everything and waiting on word to see if we needed to evacuate. And everyone and their dog was leaving the island. The bridge was backed up all morning long on friday. But then the rain came and that's all it was. Just a little rain. Not even very hard. Nothing exciting. It was just a little normal storm. Everyone freaked out for nothing. But I was happy that it rained. I love the rain. So we had that one day of nice (rainy, not so hot) weather and then the very next day it went right back up to super hot. I think it was only like 95 but it was super humid. super humid.

Oh also this week somebody keyed part of our car this week on the hood. And another morning the gardener at our apartments came and knocked on our door and told us that someone had egged our car and the the neighbor said we could use his hose to get it off before the sun baked it and ruined the paint. So ya, we were a bit late to the zone meeting/interviews with President cuz we had to wash egg off of our car. The neighbor was really nice though and washed it all off for us and everything.

We found a lot of people this week, but we are still in the same problem that nobody comes to church. It is a hard area for that reason. I have heard that port isabel goes through spurts of success adn baptizes a lot, and then it dies and is dry for months. Right now there hasn't been a baptism here for 4 months. That is WAY too long. We are going to fix that for sure, we just have to figure out how to help people get to church, to have that faith enough to drive the 30 minutes to get there. Any ideas?

Have you all gotten my package yet? I hope the sisters sent it and that it didn't get lost. That would stink so bad. If you didn't get it you should send them a letter right now straight to the raymondville address and tell them to send it allready. goodness they are slow.

No I don't ride my bike. My companion has hypoglycemia so she can't exert to much energy or she'll pass out. And she has to eat like every couple hours. So we definitely canNOT ride bikes with her. She eats a lot of apples.

Sorry this is short but it's all the time I have. Love you!


Sister Petersen

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