Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Cowboy Boots and more!

For those who are faithful followers of Melinda's blog, I am finally updating her blog for the past four weeks with her emails from July 18, 25, August 1, and 8.  Sorry to be so slow.  Enjoy reading about her adventures.

Email sent Monday 8 August 2011


Wow there have been three convert baptisms in our ward this year? Who else? That is so cool! Baptize the whole neighborhood that should be the plan! That's awesome. These people need to experience the blessings of the gospel in their lives. They are living in darkness and just don't know it cuz their eyes have adjusted to it, but somebody just needs to turn on the light.

This week our district leader gave us a great word of advise. He said, "Church is the kink in our hose, and as soon as you un-kink it, port isabel will be wet." AKA we are going to baptize as soon as we figure out how to get our investigators with baptismal dates to come to church. And it is true. This area is really great. And mom, we can't work in the area that is by the church. Our area only includes Port Isabel, Laguna Heights and Laguna vista. THe church is in the elder's area in Los fresnos. But we have taken the advice of our zone leader and decided to work more in the area where people are more likely to have cars which is laguna vista. It is helping we think. But this week we found two pretty legit people AND they came to church! So we are progressing.

This week was transfers. It feels like this transfer flew by. SO fast! I can't believe it. And now we start another one. I feel like time is winding down way too fast. I'm not going to think about it though cuz I don't want to.

I found the boots (Melinda sent ised cowboy boots home for Mike or Quinton) in this members house that we were helping her clean out. There was tons of all this old stuff and she was throughing lots away and stuff. It was like treasure hunting in Raymondville. haha Did you find the memory cards?!?!?!?!? There should be three of them. If you could put those on the computer and back them up real good and then send them back to me that would be good. I'll need them at some point soon.

Oh also if you do send me a package could you send me my BYU ID card? I can get discounts on some sight seeing stuff if I have a student ID.

D... got 1st presidency approval to get baptized this week!!! I think he will be getting baptized on Sunday. At least I hope. I don't really know what is going on up in Raymondville, but that is what I am praying for.

Sounds like lots of fun moving everyone down to school and stuff. Yall are going to be alone in So Jo. :( Get a dog. A good one. And NOT a chiuwaua. A golden retriever. Nothing else. Understand.

There are lots of changes happening in the mission! For the past three months straight we have broken records and baptized over 100 each month. President Trayner really is called of God to help the people of south texas accept the true gospel and come unto christ through baptism in his church. We are excited for the upcoming conferences in which elder Zivic of the seventy (who is also my MTC teachers dad) will be coming to take a mission tour. Things are going great and are also still quite hot here in the great state of texas.

I love you all,


Sister Petersen

ps have yall made mormon.org profiles yet? or checked out mine?

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