Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Merry Christmas!!!/Ours was white!!!

Email sent Monday 20 December 2010

Feliz Navidad!!!

Wow I don't really know what to write to you because I figure I will just be calling you in a couple of days. :) I'm super excited to talk to you all. So I was thinking that the morning would probably be the time you would want me to call verdad?! So how does about 9:00 utah time sound? That will be 10:00 here. And sorry bad news, I will not be able to have a call as long as Quinton's were. No 3 hour calls will be taking place. Sorry. I have 40 minutes MAX. This is a rule in the white handbook and President reiterated it at our zone conference this past week. So as I want to be an obedient missionary I will have to keep my call to 40 minutes. Sad. But true. But that's ok. You have Christmas things you want to attend to anyway, so I'll let you get on with the partying.

Ok, this week was an actually really good week for us. We had a baptism!!! Laura this 22 year old got baptized yesterday and it was really good. She is awesome. We had gone to her birthday party the night before as well. She is a great example to her family. I hope that they will be able to see her and feel of the spirit that she is bringing into their home and have desires to as Alma says "experiment upon the word" as well.

We also had 3 people come to church on Sunday. It was a week of miracles. Every week is it seems.

Ok the package thing: sorry I hate to be a pain, but it is a pain having to go pick up packages from the Nelsons. That takes time out of our day where we should be working, or time out of our breaks which are short and we just want to get home and eat or take a 20 minute nap. And it takes gas, and it's just ya. Or the Nelson's have to worry about getting it to me, so I have to wait to sunday or something. How much does it cost for the signature? I don't know a better way to do this but, I just don't know if the Nelson's is the best way.

Other questions: no I did not get sick. I am immune to sickness. It's all the chocolate I eat. :) Cockroaches...eww. End of story. But I live with them and it's ok. We're friends now. As long as they don't touch my food we have a nice relationship.

I got a letter from the YW in our home ward a while back. And this week I got one from a whole bunch of people in Elders Quorum. It was really nice to hear from all of them (Dad included). And I got your package from the Nelson's for my birthday. Thank you so much!!! The shirts and cd and cards and book and everything. Thanks guys! I got a package from Tommy for my birthday and one from Bryce and Nathan Anderson together. THat was nice of them. But nothing else. Everyone is caught up in christmas so I understand.

Well will you be sure to go to Ali's reception. I sent her some money but you can get her a gift too if you want. It is on the 28th. Did you get an invite? I did. :)

I love you all and will talk to you soon.


Sister Petersen

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