Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Greetings from Laredo...aka MEXICO on the US side of the border

Email sent Monday 6 December 2010

Wow, so I don't have a lot of time, but I will try to recap the craziness of this week really fast. Sorry Q and B I didn't read your emails yet, but I didn't have time.

I am in Laredo. It feels a whole lot more like Mexico here than in McAllen. Not that i really know what Mexico is like cuz I've never been there, but it feels like I think Mexico would feel without the danger aspect. We are SUPER close to the border here. Super close! And just across it is Nuevo Laredo and I guess it's pretty dangerous there. Like really dangerous with the drug cartels and stuff. A member told us a pretty scarey story the other day about it. I will refrain from telling you it as to not scare you. But just know that on this side of the border it seems to be a lot safer. And don't worry we haven't seen anything dangerous over here...except COCKROACHES!!! In our apartment. EWWWW!!! It is gross. I really don't like our apartment. It is ALL tile. I hate tile. We have to wear shoes all the time. And every night when we come home we go straight to the kitchen and start killing cockroaches with a fly swatter. It is nasty. I really want to deep clean this place and everything. I really hope sister sigler gets transfered up here next time and we can go cleaning crazy and fix this problem. Ok really it's not that bad but it really bugs me. Bugs...get it? haha

Thank you so much for getting me that package. I had been wearing sister Morrill's coats and scarves and it's good you got it to me because Sister Zamora, (who has only been out for 6 weeks) doesn't have any warm clothes either. So we have both been wearing the clothes you sent me. THanks so much!

I am already starting to find my way around this new area. I think I've finally got my bearings here in texas. I now can tell at any random moment which direction I am facing. So that is good. When I first got to McAllen I was so turned around. But I'm figuring out the streets. Yes we have a car. The church here in laredo is just a district with branchs. They just reorganized boundaries and things here like 2 weeks ago, and even missionary areas got changed. So basically Sister Zamora and I are whitewashing. Though she has been here for 6 weeks, our area got changed and now we have some part that used to belong to elders and we are only in one branch (which both english and spanish people have to go to, but it is only done in english) and we don't know any of our members and I'm new here and I've never been a senior comp-let alone basically training. It has been a rough week. But we are trying to turn things around. I have a lot of things on my to do list if you know what I mean. I'm sure the other missionaries who ahve been here were working hard, but they didn't leave us much to go off of. You know me and how I am organized and such. Well, I just walked into an unorganized area. I will work some magic and get this place in ship-shape and start baptizing.

This is going to be a transfer of learning for me. I need to learn how to lead, how to teach better, and how to speak and understand spanish better. There is definitely more spanish here than there was in McAllen. And now I am the senior comp so I need to know it better because I have no one to rely on if I don't. YEsterday in church I had to translate for our investigator who came. THat was the hardest thing ever. When the teacher is talking super fast and you just have to listen and translate at the same time. It was craziness. I was humbled quickly. But I will learn.

Ok, what I want for my birthday:

Clothes!! Skirts that cover the knee. I want some cute ones. Plain colors might be good so that they match more things, but whatever. make sure they are sort of flowy so that if I want to sit down on the ground indian style I can with no problems. Also more cute shirts would be nice. Or money so I can go shopping and buy some. Cardigans!!! I would love a couple cute cardigans!

-Pictures of ya'll

-a good smelling perfume

-cookies, dunford donuts, fudge,

I don't know, I'll write you a letter today with more things if I think of them.

Well that's all the time I have for now. I love you tons and don't forget about me over here in this month of my birthday and christmas! :)


Sister Petersen

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