Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Yo me voy a Laredo!!!

Email sent Monday 29 November 2010

Drum roll please!!!....Transfers are this week and I am headed to Laredo tomorrow morning! It is sad and good at the same time. I really love the people here. The wards are awesome and I was excited to spend Christmas with them and Sister Morrill and I didn't want to get split up yet. But all of the sisters in our mission are just so young and 4 newbies come in today so we needed lots of trainers, so Sister Morrill will be training and I have to go be a senior companion. What the right?! I hit my six months this week on the mission. One of the pictures I am sending is of us burning some nylons that had a hole in them to celebrate me being out for six months already! I only have a year left! Isn't that weird? Yes.

Anyway so this week was crazy. We had thanksgiving on Thursday and that was weird to be a missionary. It wasn't the same as at home but the members took care of us. We only ate twice. Some elders had 8 food appointments. We didn't want that many so we turned some down. The Torres family is awesome. He is the bishop in our spaish ward and I just love them. They really made us feel like we were at home. It's sad to have to leave. I thought that leaving home would be the only goodbyes I'd have to say because of the mission, or at least that's the only ones I thought of, but leaving these people is hard. I just love them.

Mom, I really needed you to send those jackets. I HAVE NO COLD WEATHER CLOTHES! I have been wearing sister morrill's coats and scarves this week. I know there is no snow here, but tracting in 43-55 degree weather makes you cold. One day it will be cold like that and the next day it will be back at 80, but I do need clothes. And now, when you send it who knows how long it will take to get it to me because Laredo is far from the mission home and they don't come out here that much. But I would really appreciate it if you could send me those jackets/coats and scarves and gloves (the ones that are brown and orange with the fingers and mitten part too) I would really appreciate it so I don't freeze. THanks.

P-days: sometimes we go shop a little at target or something. But usually we/I play basketball with the elders. Or two weeks ago we went to a park and played basketball and soccer and double dutch with the jump ropes iwth the elders. Oh and we limboed. There was no competition so of course I won. But mostly we justs take a nap or write a ton of letters.


Sister Petersen
Christian at his baptism!!!
Burning of the nylons to celebrate 6 months on a mission!!!

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