Monday, November 22, 2010

Happy Turkey Day!!!

Email sent Monday 22 November 2010

Wow I can't believe that the holiday season is here. To me it still feels like summer should be starting. I went straight from school to the mission so to me it feels like time has frozen and it is still June. But no, it is November. There is no snow here. Nor will there be any anytime soon. People always talk about this one time when they got snow like 7 years ago, and it snowed "really good" on a Christmas Eve and everyone scraped up what little they really got and made snow/dirtmen on Christmas day. But that was the last time it snowed here. Right now it's like 85 degrees out and humid. I think it will rain soon. But snow-no.

To answer your question mom, yes I do play the piano quite often. My very first sunday here they had me play in sacrament meeting in our spanish ward. And I probably play about every other week in spanish sacrament meeting. And I play at the baptisms a lot and sometimes they call me into primary. I always play at district meetings and stuff too. I am super grateful that Leslie had us learn all of the songs in the hymn book, because it doesn't matter what it is I can just sit down and play it on the spot well enough. Because they don't give me any heads up to what I will play. I just get there and they say "Puede tocar el piano hoy?" y digo, "si" Y toco. It's fun. We also have been singing a lot. Last week the missionaries (six of us, 4 elders, sister morril and I) sang a musical number in sacrament in our english ward and then Bro. Lestarpe asked sister morrill and I (which we had done a duet part in that musical number last week- me soprano, her alto) to be part of this ward choir number(which consisted of us, 3 guys, and 3 sisters) for yesterday. So we have been sharing our musical "talents" quite a bit.

That is really sad that Cross Country is over. Triste! Oh well. Now I guess we can find a new family activity that doesn't involve running your guts out and that horrible region course.

Let's see, Christian got baptized this week! It is a miracle! Really it is. He is awesome. He also got confirmed yesterday. In the blessing he talked about how he could serve a mission someday. That would be so awesome if he became a missionary. He loves to help people and I know that the best way to help people is through sharing the gospel.

Question: have you sent my stuff yet? Could you include in that or sometime send me some blank tapes--to record on. Or better yet, ya'll could talk on it and then send me some. PS did you know that my birthday is coming up? And christmas? :)

Well I hope you all have an awesome Thanksgiving. Take pictures and send me some :) Save me a place at the table. :) We have one or two thanksgiving food appointments but other than that we will just be working. Normal day. But we will remember to be thankful anyway.

I love you all. Tell Cookie hi.


Sister Petersen

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