Friday, December 17, 2010

Continuation of Email sent in a Letter

Letter dated Monday 6 December 2010


This is a continuation of my email. You can type it up and put it on the blog.

So my whole time here in Texas I have heard about how in Laredo there is a member who is a chiropractor and he lets the missionaries come for free every p-day. So, today was my first p-day here; I was so excited. I had been waiting for this day for over 6 months now. So we went to the chiropractor and it felt so awesome! He was great! It was sort of the same as Dr. Hutchings and he popped my back and my neck and everything. And then he looked at my jaw and had me open and close it. He said, “You don’t deviate very much at all. Looks like they did a really good job.” So you can tell Dr. Hutchings that he did a great job.

But anyway, then he did this cool thing to my jaw to put it in place. It didn’t hurt at all or make popping sounds, but after it felt so good. I hadn’t realized how much I missed having it right in place. And then we got to lay on this water bed type thing that massaged us. It was awesome. And he gave me some calcium pills that I should take to help my jaw and a whole bunch of other things. He is super nice. So we get to go every week! YAY!

OK. Dad, I hope you start feeling better. Maybe if you didn’t go skiing that would helpJ But, of course, nothing would stop you from skiing. Does Tim Praag know you are 20 years older than him? Are you like best mowing/skiing buds now?

Brandy, thanks for the videos! I really like them. Quinton wasn’t in any though. It’s like he doesn’t even live there. He might as well be in Africa. (Note: It really isn’t Quinton’s fault that he was not in the video’s. It is my procrastination and having to do the videos at the last minute when Quinton wasn’t there - Laurie)

Quinton, I can’t believe you bought a MAC. Not fair. Hey, I only got to the chiro once a week too nowJ P.S. Thanks for the scripture case! I love it! I thought you said you had gotten me a big one?

Mom, thanks for always writing and for the package. As far as what else I want for my b-day/Christmas…A tape with ya’ll talking on it, maybe even our cousins and stuff could talk on it (you might have to send that after Christmas). Stamps! That is expensive, but I use a lot. Remember how I spent like $60 on stamps before I came? I used them all & bought 40 more & only have 20 left. So stamps would be good. Thank you cards w/envelopes to match them. A conference Ensign in English spiral bound with clear plastic covers. Clicky pens that write nice. A cute scarf that could go with lots of colors.

Mom, thanks so much for all you do for me. Sorry I can’t be there to help out with Christmas.


Con amor

Hermana Melinda Petersen

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