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Email sent Friday 2 July 2010

Alrgith lets answer your questions.. Man typying is hard when I'm not used to doing it all of the time.. and When tyou have a stupid keyboard that double periods everything.. Anyway, the Dear Elders.. They come to the MTC twice a day but my district leader only checks the mail once a day right before dinner around 6pm.. So If you do not send a Dear Elder before about 5 pm on Thursday night I will not get it before I right you an email on Friday.. ---again my enter key doesn't work. So frustrating.. We got to meet with the Trayners (the new Mission President and Wife who are at the MTC for training before heading to Texas) on Friday night after we had a special firesdie from Elder Oaks, which Elder Holland, Anderson, Cook, Nelson, Bednar and Scott also attended.. Apparently there was a sacrament meeting on sunday with all of the mission presidents and the whole first presidency and most of the quorum of the 12, but we didn't get to go to it., but that would have been so cool.. I never saw the prophet but he was here.. It was crazy all the special things that the MTC did for the whole mission presidents seminar thing.. The main building was off limits to missionaries and they brought in all of these flowers and tables to decorate the halls with lace table cloths and made everything a lot more pretty for the presidents.. They really got special treatment.. ----- Let's see , but ya we got meet with the Trayners and all of the other missionares here that are going to McAllen.. There are 13 of us that will leave on the same day I think.. We will be President Trayner's first new group, and his favorite I am sure.. -----That's crazy about all of the things that are going on in Texas right now! Tornadoes, flooding, hurricanes, evacuating missionaries.. Wow the Trayner's have their hands full I am sure.. I want to get down there.. Do you know what's going on with the oil spill? Someone said that it has hit corpus christi.. What's up with that? I need news from the outside world.. =----- Mom: you should look for stationary at Walmart, but if you can't find any, don't worry too much about it.. I can just buy some later, they have walmarts in Texas too.. You never told me that Elder Nelson spoke at Grandpa's funeral.. If I had known that I would have told him who I was and he would have known me.. -------TRC means Teaching Resource Center, maybe, I don't know I just made that up, but it is the place we go every Thursday to teach "investigators" who are people who come in from the real world and volunteer to act like investigators and be taught by the missionaries.. So this week at the TRC it was our first time teaching the First Lesson completly in Spanish.. But we were pretty prepared.. Because of our Semana de Poder, Power Week.. Hermana Sigler and I accomplished our goal! In six days we taught 35 thirty-minute lessons in Spanish.. It was crazy! We got pretty good at our spanish.. We felt a lot more prepared than I'm sure we would have been if we had only taught it like 5 or 6 times.. So this week was crazy and we were so tired by the end of last night.. 35 lessons.. WOW.. It was a lot, and 35 was our goal so I'm really glad we made it.. We had a couple of appointments fall through and had to quickly find new people to teach but we made it.. It was awesome.. -----Jon Nelson is no longer in my zone.. Aparently he was too smart for us.. :) He tested into the intermediate Spanish class.. Good for him.. I'll try to find him again though so we can take a picture.. ----I can't email you any pictures because 1)that would take way too much of my precious 30 minutes, and 2) I don't know if it would even work on these computers.. Probably would but it would take to long and my email would only be like 2 lines long.. But what you can do is use my scanner, and upload pictures I sent you onto my laptop and put them on the blog from there.. To use the scanner go into programs and find the hp solution center i think and click scan photo or somehting and do what it says.. -----YEs they have BYU brownies here occasionaly.. Not often enough but maybe once every two weeks.. ---Today we got to clean the temple.. It was reallly cool.. Us four sisters got to put away youth temple clothing and organize it by size and then put away all of the men's shoes behind the clothing counter, and then we completely cleaned one of the first aid rooms.. The lady also took us four sisters all over in the temple in the basement and first floor and we got to see all of the new stuff that they are doing and we got to see all of the temple presidencies offices and matrons offices and tons of stuff and the new chandeleer and things and the laundry room, which is huge!!! It was really cool.. But the elders had to clean lockers with rags q-tips and tooth pics........pretty sure us sisters lucked out!!! -----Other clothes that I may want, if you find other shirts that are cute with some cute floral prints or anything that would be awesome, as long as they are sorta loose, but cute, and dressy enough, also look out for a cute black skirt that is more full than the straight one that I have.. It would be nice to have two black skirts.. ----- Dad: you need to learn to use computers., it might be somehting you should try to do :) ------ I wanted to tell you about all of the other awesome talks that we heard this week, but I don't know if I have time.. On sunday in releif society we heard from Susan C.. Jones from the Young Women;s General Board.. She was an awesome teacher!!1 Also on Sunday night we heard from Stephen B.. Allen the Managing Director of the Missionary Dept and he showed us the new missionary dvd's that they just made and showed us all this new stuff about how is about to change.. It is going to be awesome. You all should check it out after it is launched on July 6th or something.. On Tuesday we heard from Elaine S.. Dalton! Another amazing talk! I may wriote you a letter about it.. ----Anyway all is well and I look forward to hearing from ya'll again soon.. ----Melinda

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