Friday, July 9, 2010

Como estan?

Email received Friday 9 July 2010

Hola familia,

Como estan? Estoy muy bien. Esta semana fue muy divertido. The fourth of July was awesome! Saturday was just a normal day except that while we were at gym outside on the fields we could hear Carrie Underwood practicing for the stadium of fire. THat was kinda funny. and then at 8:30 at night we had a special program all about the history of teh world and how it was prepared to bring forth the restoration of the gospel and how America played a big role in that. It was pretty cool. And then after.....they let us go outside and watch the fireworks that started at 10pm for the stadium of fire!!! It was so fun. And that was the latest I've stayed out in quite some time. I took some videos and pictures so sometime when I send my card home you'll have fun looking at that. Or mostly just listening to the videos cuz you can't see anyone's faces in the video cuz it's dark. But it was a really fun night to just hang out for 30 minutes with our district and have a taste of summer.

Yes mom, Wednesday was the first day that mail was delivered on my mission and I did not recieve a letter. My district leader Elder Dewey thought it was so funny. On thursday before he went and got the mail he siad to me, "Is the drought going to continue?" and was miaking fun of me and stuff. It was funny. All of the elders are sorta jealous that me and hermana sigler get more letters than all of tehm combined normally. :) haha. But don't worry on thrusday I got 3 dear elders

No you never told me about that oil leek here. That's crazy, but at leaste they did a better job cleaning it up than that BC or whatever in the gulf. That is crazy that they moved the wedding receptions at their expense.

And ARE YOU SERIOUS???? BOOZER is leaving for the BULLS??? What the? Where's the loyalty. I am very upset over this. This is horrible.

Yes mom, Hermana Sigler and I are getting along. We have differences but every companionship does. I just needed to comprimise and we are doing great. It's all about loving each other. When we pray for charity or the pure love of christ like Moroni tells us to in Moroni 7:48 the lord will bless us with it. So ya I'm learning a lot from Hermana Sigler and we are doing great.

You said Sister Sallsbury bore her testimony in Spanish. I don't know how I'm going to understand the language either. At our TRC this week our investigator just talked and talked sometimes and I got so lost. They speak so fast, and soft, and slur words together, it's going to be ruff when I get out there and hear natives speak. But I'll be able to do it evenutally.

Package: ok let's see, I really wnat my sheet music. That white folder I told you about and a copy of that red Hatch book, or at least the I Heard Him come and Love one another from that book, and possibly a copy of the his crhistmas ones the first noel and Angels we have heard on high. Also you could send copies of the actual hymns in my EFY book. That would be awesome. I love just being able to play the piano. And if I had more music I could do cool accompainiments instead of just hymn book versions. Also, I would like some safety pins. Just like 5-6 normal sized saftey pins. And dunford chocolate donuts if you feel so inclined.

Brandy: I'm going to try to write you a letter today.

Does Grandpa know Robert K Dellenbach? From rotary. He spoke to us at our devotional on tuesday night. (And I had to give the closing front of the whole MTC cuz my Branch President asked me to like a week ago. It was scarey-and weird to pray in english again). I will probably send you my notes from last weeks devo by Sister Dalton.

My district is SO close! I love them all so much. We are awesome. It was sad though. We lost a member this week. Elder Paarish got his visa and so he flew to Spain on monday Elder McKinnon is still here waiting for his. But we miss Elder Paarish. He was such a funny Elder and always made us all laugh.

Also, I'm thinking of buying a new set of small scriptures, withthe book of mormon and the bible separate. I can get them both for a total of like55 dollars here. Do you think I should do it? My other scriptures are so marked, if people are going to have to read out of them, they will be weirded out by all my margin comments. Also if ya'll every wanted to send me a tape that ya'll have talked on that would be cool. I might buy a recorder.

How is my laptop. I am worried about it. :)

I taught the law of chastity for teh first time this week. That was weird. And hard

got to go bye

love you!

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