Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hope you carved some pumpkins for me!

Email sent Monday 31 October 2011

Well, well well.  Today is halloween and we are not allowed to work really.  We have to be in our apartment by 7.  :(  And tomorrow is transfers!  After 3 and a half months with sister Perkins, President is splitting us up.  I will be getting a new companion tomorrow.  Sister Mazey!  I have met her before and she is great!  Super cute and a hard worker.  So I am really excited to spend the last 6 weeks with her here in port isabel.  I am glad to have a change, and not a change of area.  I love it here, but getting a new companion will keep me on my toes.
Yes mom, we have primary programs here, they are so cute.  I love them.  Also we had some ward halloween parties, with costumes, they were fun. 
Something that I have been studying lately is the new Relief Society book, Daughters in My Kingdom.  I guess before I never really understood or fully appreciated the relief society, but reading about it's history has really opened my eyes.  That book is awesome!  I encourage all relief society sisters and even priesthood holders to read it to better understand the purpose and divine mission of this auxiliary organization of the church.  It is really cool, and I have a much stronger resolve to do my part as a relief society sister. 
Dad, what size t-shirt do you normally buy if you were to buy one?  And what do you all want for christmas.  I think I will do my christmas shopping here, cuz it is much cheaper.  So let me know what you want.
Port Isabel gets all decked out for Halloween, there are decorations everywhere, and people are dressed up, I'm sure tonight.  It gets really crazy and that is why we have to be inside. 
But I have to go, sorry the library is closing. 
Sister Petersen

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