Monday, April 11, 2011

Welcome to Laredo, bring on the 100's

Email sent Monday 11 April 2011

That stinks about the meet. Sorry Brandy's sick. That's never fun. I'm sure I'll get the letter from Sister Green soon. that's nice of her. Sister Ramirez's first name is Amanda.

Also I went to that Asmussen Horse place. It was right on the other side of the border of my area. We drove around inside but couldn't see much. There weren't really houses, so we couldn't knock, but it was cool to look at. You should ask him again like if he lives there and if he is a member. We could send the elders back since it is in their area.

So aparently summer starts full force in April here in Laredo. Yesterday at one point it was 108 degrees. Yes. It was super hot. And not to mension, Sister Ramirez were running to an appointment we had last night at like 8:45 in our skirts and everything because we had left our car and walked like 15 minutes with this awesome prepared lady that we found all the way to her house and then we had to run back because we were late for the appointment. We probably looked super weird. Two girls in skirts running down a neighborhood street at 8:45 at night. We probably looked sketchy. Also we were really sweaty. Ew. I hate the heat. I am so not ready for another summer. I pray that God will just forget about summer and just bring fall back because fall and spring are super awesome. But But it's ok. I will deal with it. At least it is not humid here in Laredo. So that is a good thing.

What were you asking me about and conference? I just want the English ensign. I'm going to get someone to put the cd's you sent me on my ipod so that I can listen to them for spanish study. But I don't need any more if that is what you are asking. I won't have room for them.

Matt is getting home?! Wow, that's fast. I can't believe he is done already. Tell him to write me. If he wants I guess.

Ok so this week as you know was full of change, sort of. Just a new companion. She is awesome. Sister Ramirez is a convert. I have always wanted a convert companion. It is cool. She is from Puerto Rico and has pretty much perfect English. And is helping me with my spanish. She is really awesome at following the spirit and we have been able to find some cool people. She loves to cook, and feed me what she cooks, so I may gain so weight this transfer. I will have to be careful. Her food is really good though. I think it is going to be a really good transfer. I'm grateful I get to spend more time here in Laredo and help this great city at this very important time as we try to become a stake. I have learned SO much here about how the church is supposed to work, and can see that when people magnify their callings which just means "performing the service that pertains to it" (as was stated by Pres Monson I think) the whole ward will function. If everyone just lifts where they stand. I encourage all of you who read this, whoever you are, whatever your calling, magnify it. Do everything that you are expected to do and do it with a smile and willing heart. You will see miracles. Even if it is just faithful visiting or home teaching. You have no idea the miracles that can work in the lives of people. Just do it. Don't procrastinate. The callings and assignments we have in the church are responsiblities the Lord has trusted to us specifically. He has confidence in us and our ability to do the part of His work that he has so graciously allowed us to participate in. Try it out and see how the blessings come to you.

I love you. Hope you enjoy the weird Utah weather. I'll try to mail you a few degrees that we don't want here. haha


Sister Melinda Petersen

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