Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Valentines Day! Les quiero mucho!!!

Email sent Monday 14 February 2011

That's a cute thing mom! I liked it. (She said this about a valentine heart picture I put in the email and this saying - Roses are red, violets are blue, missions are great and so are YOU!!!)

Thanks for the package also!! The books are awesome and that will help as I do piano lessons this week. It's going to be bad if I get transfered because no one will be able to continue the teaching when I leave. But we'll see what happens. I don't know if I will be staying or going. In my gut I feel like I am going to be sent to Corpus. But I could also stay here with sister Salan another transfer. Who knows. We'll find out on saturday.

You should send me some of the valentine cookies. Those are my favorites too. Thanks for the tapes too. And I can't remember what else at the moment. It's been a crazy week.

Dad's been sick and yet he's still doing crazy things like skiing, plowing, working and playing basketball with people half his age. Of course you're sick dad. REST! And go to church. That's the cure. :) And add a little chiropractor, that'll help.

My headaches are doing better. He had told me to drink more water and honestly I think that is what is helping. Water. I was super dehydrated.

BYU is 7th!!! That's sweet. How come I miss the sweet year? Jerry Sloan quit!?! NO! I love him as the old school jazz coach. I hope this new guy is good. My buddy d-will better behave.

Ok so recap of the week/transfer. This transfer has been a bit rough in the terms of finding success. We have been realy struggling finding people who are prepared to recieve the gospel. We weren't discouraged, just a little disappointed that our efforts weren't bearing enough fruits. So this last Sunday as part of a mission wide fast of thanks for the success we had in January, Sister Salan and I fasted to be able to find a family who is prepared to teach. We had the faith that the Lord could answer our prayer. Also this week our district leader told us to go back by all of our investigators taht we had dropped who used to have baptismal dates and teach them the doctrine of christ again and see which of them were really prepared. Becasue in the past four weeks we had found 25 new investigators and the standard of excellence was 28 so we had almost gotten it and so as a mission, the Lord has promised us that if we find those 28 we will baptize 2 a month. And so 2 of those people are prepared to be baptized. So, this week started and we immediately found a mother with 3 kids, and we thought they might be our family. Wednesday we found another mother with 2 children and thought that might be our family. And then Thursday...we may have found the most prepared people in the world!

Sister Salan and Sister Platt were on splits and working in our area and went by all of our old BD's and set 2 new BDs with two of them, and then while knocking came upon this door, where this man, G..., invited them right in. He and his wife listened super intensly to the lesson as they taught the doctrine of christ. He is from cuba and his wife S... is from mexico. They are awesome!!! They knew he wanted to be baptized just like Jesus Christ and had to recieve the Holy Ghost as well. They accepted baptismal dates and were so excited to learn more. He read on the back of the pamphlet that we gave him that it is says "Suggested Readings: the book of mormon." He said, "I need to read the Book of Mormon, I don't have that book. Where do I get one?" He is awesome. They both came to church on sunday and loved it! We went over again last night and they fed us cuban food. They are so nice and so prepared! I am so excited for them.

All in all this week we saw our prayers and fast answered with blessings that there really weren't room enough to recieve. I know that God is there adn always watching over us. He is the one who gives us success when we look to him for his guidance. We are just the tools. I love this work!

I hope you all have a great valentines day and enjoy the cold. It is starting to warm up here again.


Hermana Petersen

P.S. Oh and this week everyone seemed to be obsessed with my eyes. It is kinda rare here I guess to see blonde people or people with blue eyes. But never as much as this week have people commented on it. I would just be in teh middle of a sentence with someone on a contact and they would stop and stare and say, "you have blue eyes" or "I love your eyes." So awkward/hard to bring the spirit back after I felt super subconcious about looking at people. I'll have to start talking with my eyes closed!

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