Tuesday, September 7, 2010

La semana de muerte...but don't worry there were redeeming qualities

Email sent Monday, 6 September 2010

Hola familia,

Sorry I haven't had time to read your emails so sorry if I don't respond to your questions. But I think I should tell you how my week went. This was the hardest week of my mission, and my comp (who only has 3 months left, said it was her hardest too). It started out sort of ok. We finally got ahold of this former investigator and had two awesome lessons and were excited for her to progress, so that was good. We also were teaching this 11 yr old and told her if she prayed about getting baptized that she would have an answer in two days when we returned, she was excited to get an answer. I also went on an exchange with Sister Lopez (who I live with). She is from El Salvador and she is going home tomorrow. She is an amazing missionary and she helped me out with her spanish, while I helped her with English. It was cool to switch it up and see how someone else does missionary work. I taught the word of wisdom for the first time and we set a BD. So that was good. Also on Tuesday after district meeting our district all went out to eat at this Mexican resaurant and we all got these $11 buffets. And as we were sitting there eating, this guy walks by on his way out and says, "Hey guys, I got your check today. I'll pay it all." And we were just dumb-founded, shocked. There were 8 of us so that was over $100 of food, that this one random guy that we don't even know was going to pay. We told him he didn't need to do that but he said, I got it, and we thanked him and he walked out. Then he came back like a couple seconds later and said, "sorry I was talking to just the sisters." and we laughed and then he said just kidding and reassured us that he would pay it all and then he left. What a nice guy. We don't know if he's a member or not. He's just a nice guy.

Anyway...so then thursday and friday came. Thursday was horrible, but we just laughed the whole time. We were knocking doors and we talked to a lot of people, but it was people with the sadest most horribly misled beliefs. False doctrine all over the place. This lady even gave us these brochures from her church where this guy the leader clames to be God and Jesus and that there is no sin and no devil and all this stuff. False doctrine like I have never seen before and she was SO sure it was true. It was sad. A couple other ladies were nice to us but they were sure that the only truth was the bible. Also the dinner appointment we had fell through with member...as in, they forgot, bless there hearts. So we ate at Dairy Queen. We got scared by a rattle snake...we don't know what it was but it sounded like that when we stepped on somehting at a doorstep. We could see what it was cuz it was dark. That among other sad things was Thursday.

Then Friday.RAIN! Which I love, but ya. We got drenched it was fun. But there were a lot of sad things that happened. Like this investigator that, that very morning we had decided to focus on in weekly planning, she told us she didn't believe JS saw God and Jesus Christ and had tons of scriptures to back it up and wow...it was sad. Basically, I don't have time to tell about all the sadness that was Friday, but it ended in tears..un poco.

Saturday, there was a little relief. We found an awesome lady named Istella. We are really excited about her. Also we found out about transfers. I am staying, but I am getting a new companion tomorrow. Sister Morrill! Way excited. Also you should tell Chase Petry that after only being out here for 4 months his student, Sister Nelson is training!

Sunday the Trayners showed up at Church. I love Sister Trayner. Seeing a face I know just made all the frustration of the week come out. Really I'm fine. This week will be better.

I haven't gotten your letters yet. I'll look. I'll try to write you some today too. Brandy awesome job at pre-region!!! That's legit! You are a rock star. Keep it up.

Love you all!

Sister Petersen

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