Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Another week in Texas!

Email sent Monday 23 August 2010

Wow what a week. I felt like I was back at the MTC this week because tu-f we had trainings with President Trayner from 10-5. It was crazy. The church has come out with 8 new lessons to help us be better and more effective missionaries. So we were learning all of those. President Trayner is amazing! He is a wonderful teacher and is doing great things for this mission. I am so glad that I have him as a mission president. So this week we weren't able to do do as much work, and yet we still had as many lessons as last week, actually more. :)

We had a dinner appointment every single day this week. The members here really like to feed us. So yes I have eaten a lot of mexican food. And it is really good! And actually you should be so proud of me, I eat what is given to me. For one meal the main dish was salad. I ate it all, and got seconds and I even liked it. It's crazy.

This week we had 3 investigators come to mutual! So I got to go with them...but then we realized that what they were doing for mutual was playing rockband, and I didn't even think about it, but then I got there and realized I would be listening to worldly music. Ah! It was weird. But they had a good time. Bishop told me that I would have to listen to 100 primary songs to bring the spirit back after that.

Also this week because of the training I had an extra companion. Sister Morrill was with Sister Smith and I this week so we were a threesome. She is amazing. She asks people great questions and is really good at getting to know them and becoming friends. I was really grateful for her example and wish I could've spent more time learning from her, but she had to go back to her area in Brownsville.

So at the training, we all get so excited to apply everything we learned but then you get out and try to do it and it's a lot harder than you expected, but we are going to try to take things one at a time, because we know that all of these things are so important to teaching people about our savior Jesus Christ.

We are teaching one family right now, a lady and her 6 daughters. They are so cute. All of the daughters are really interested and we tried to set a baptismal date this week and all of the daughters said yes, but then all looked to their mom for permission, and she is uncertain. This seems to happen with every family that we teach. The children are so ready and willing to learn and are open and feel the spirit but the parents are more closed and apprehensive. This is a testament to me of Christ's words when he tells us to become like little children. Humble ourselves and be teachable. I know this is something that we can all do. So I challenge you all to think of ways that you can become like a little child this week and put them into practice.

I love you all and I hope you have a great week and enjoy the begining of another school year!


Hermana Petersen

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